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This is going to be a quick post to mark the start of 2022 and provoke some thought about our focus for the year ahead.

Happy New Year to everyone, I don't know what this year will bring but I have a feeling we have to be more involved in steering our own course rather than just passengers who are along for the ride. This new year is a great chance to start to design the future you want for yourself and not just go along with the 'hand your are dealt'.

We should use this new year as an opportunity to motivate personal development, growth, learning and healing. We should be fuelling ourselves with healthy food and exercise for well-being. The time has come to focus inward and understand that we hold our destiny in our hands. We choose our path and can create the future we want, but it takes discipline, commitment and courage.

In a world where we are increasingly surrounded and inundated by images created by influencers striving to be flawless at all costs. Spending countless dollars on butt lifts, tummy tucks, lip flips and filler and using photo editing apps to create an image of perfection. The obsession about the appearance of the external vessel is taking away from what really matters, the big picture.

Our divided communities are disconnected from empathy and compassion and have largely lost the understanding of our rights to individuality and freedom of decisions. Opinions are being forced, critical thinking is being restricted and hatred is spread liberally while humanity loses direction. This is a slippery slope if we aren't willing to take back our personal power and design our own future.

Now is an excellent time to look at your career, your lifestyle, your food choices, your beliefs and ask whether there is something you can and should change? Are you moving toward the goals you want to achieve? Do you have plans in place to create the best version of yourself? Are you empathetic and understanding towards others around you? Are you supporting people who need you now more than ever?

I challenge you to ask yourself these questions and start creating your blue print. I am working on mine as I complete this post.

Contact me if you would like help designing your blue print:

Christie Turner

0421 523 376

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