Your personal brand has never been more important than it is today. Your brand refers to how you present and promote yourself to the marketplace and comprises the unique combination of skills and experience that make you who you are. In the property industry, personal branding is particularly important as it will be the difference between attracting business, retaining business, the quality of your word of mouth and in general how people perceive your professional worth.

While many of us find ourselves working under a ‘brand’ we cannot simply sit back and let that brand do all the work. We still must position ourselves within that brand and the wider market as our own key strengths and attributes will strengthen the brand messaging already being conveyed by your employer and will be critical in generating our own business, opening future employment opportunities or attracting awards, accolades, promotions or other career perks.

The concept of profile marketing has been around for a long time and in particular real estate agents are trained to seek opportunities that will not only present a property to market but also to boost their own personal brand in the marketplace. The rise of social media, digital marketing and video content has spurred this along as we see agents taking on a persona beyond a property expert, crossing the line to actor or performer as they invent new and innovative ways to grab the attention of a wider audience.

The two main risks with personal branding or profiling. Firstly, a lack of differentiation. We have all seen the videos produced within the property industry or even the multi-level marketers that just go through the motions. They are simply mimicking others who appear successful and completely forgetting to define what they are uniquely offering. There must be strong points of difference and a value proposition associated with your brand for it to translate into successful self-marketing.

Secondly, there are those with the assumption they don’t need to promote their own brand, which limits potential leading to missed opportunities and a lack of personal and career growth. By not positioning yourself with a personal brand, you are leaving it up to others to create assumptions about your value and capabilities rather than showcasing your strengths and what only you can offer.

It doesn’t matter what industry we are in or what brand we align with, we still need to be mindful that we have a personal brand, we either harness that and create a rare, sought-after, appreciated and well-respected personal brand or we leave others to determine our value?

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