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Since its arrival on our shores, Covid-19 has placed the spotlight on the critical need for business leaders to be adaptable, flexible and diverse in their approach to their strategic direction. Literally overnight globally businesses found themselves unable to trade or experienced a significant decrease in demand levels leaving profits damaged and rendering their workforce potentially redundant.

The businesses that were deeply ingrained or over-invested in their outdated systems and physical processes found it impossible to restructure or pivot their product or services to meet the changing market. Limiting their potential income and crippling their productivity. However, many businesses were able to shift their focus, pivot their business and uplift to use online tools and technology to continue to reach their targets and maintain customers and are continuing this path today.

For ongoing success though, we cannot just forget the impact that this virus has had on the way we live, the way we interact and the way we do business. As Covid-19 continues to linger and lockdowns seem endless, it is paramount for Australian businesses to really assess their strategic direction and how they can future proof themselves for more disruption down the track. While the pivots that have been made have allowed business to stay afloat, there is still opportunity for early adopters or market leaders to surge forward utilising technology to better communicate, interact with, attract and retain customers in an uncertain and volatile market.

If you want to discuss potential strategies you can use to pivot your business and shift yourself from a survivor to a market leader, then contact me today and together we can audit your business and discover solutions that will enhance your business into the future.


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