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Many marketers have been left rattled as Apple rolled out their newfound concern for users’ privacy as they restrict different social media and apps capabilities of tracking users. As at July 2021, 75% of iOS users have said no to Facebook tracking since the opt-in option for ads and data sharing went live. Google inevitably follow suit but at this stage it looks like their updates will not take effect until 2023.

For digital marketers this means restrictions are now placed around selecting target markets and remarketing to key focus groups to gain maximum impact from advertising on social media and other platforms. For many years, we have seen digital advertising becoming more of a set and forget as each month spend is outweighed by leads generated and sales conversions produced, maintaining a cost effective and completely measurable method to reach key audiences without a distinct focus on messaging or strategy.

While the impact will certainly be the fact that remarketing will become more and more difficult, the positives are that measurability remains for those who create content strategically and have systems in place to support the placement of numerous ad sets. We will also see brands again taking time in their strategy development meaning more experienced and skilled marketers are valued once again.

Advertisements on social media will need to have concise messaging, strong calls to action and conversion measures in place. Offers must be stronger without the prevalence of remarketing to solidify the opportunity and creatives will be more important than ever. We will see a return to more traditional digital tracking methods and lead capture which can provide the same level of insight as ad trackers have offered, as long as you have the expertise in your setup.

If you have been utilising social media or Google to promote your business and are seeing a reduction in your engagement and conversions, then contact me today and together we can create a custom solution that will enhance your digital spend and improve your social strategy into the future.


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