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Having extensively studied organisational culture it never ceases to amaze me how many businesses overlook the importance of culture on overall profitability and the impact that leadership has on determining the culture.

Organisational culture creates corporate identity, drives employees towards organisational goals and objectives while providing guidance on acceptable behaviours and attitudes. A positive culture becomes a method of attracting and retaining quality employees, it engages people and creates energy and momentum, provides synergy while changing the view of work and holistically makes everyone more successful.

A negative or toxic corporate culture has side-effects such low customer focus, poor decision making, flawed policies, a lack of transparency, high attrition, less group cohesion and therefore lowered productivity and an inability to deliver outcomes of complete projects effectively.

Leadership plays a critical role in establishing the organisations culture as they are charged with establishing the beliefs, values and what is acceptable behaviours within the work environment. Communication from leaders regarding these critical elements is essential in developing a transparent, open and collaborative work environment. Leaders must not only communicate these core elements but must also amplify their impact through their behaviours, embedding these expectations in organisational practices making it visible to everyone within the workplace that this is the way things get done and how we behave as a collective.

Unstructured or unqualified leadership unfortunately lends to not identifying, establishing or implementing expectations around values, beliefs and behaviours and therefore culture becomes a creation of those within the organisation. When culture is determined by a group of individuals that are not united, leading to a negative or toxic environment making it difficult to achieve objectives or manage a productive workforce.

If you are struggling to achieve organisational goals and have a team that is not working collaboratively or cohesively then it may have something to do with the current company culture. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to shift your culture which will lead to improving your overall profitability so contact me today and together we can examine your business and discover customised solutions to change your direction.


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