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As a business grows, natural progression prompts expansion of marketing efforts to cover a range of different objectives, whether it be lead generation, brand awareness or database growth to name a few. Whatever the objective, the solutions to achieve those objectives are often intangible. A digital marketing campaign, a website landing page with lead capture form or an integrated communication strategy, all of which cannot actually be held, felt or touched. Unlike products, the nature of professional services is intangible and complex and they are best performed and executed by trained professionals that have years of experience, formal training and qualifications. The services delivered by a professional embody this knowledge and expertise, essentially impacting the success, performance, and overall outcomes.

Funnily enough though, business owners often confuse the lack of tangibility with the level of complexity and opt for DIY solutions. They invest their own time, effort, budget and energy to deliver what appears to be solutions, however the effectiveness of those solutions often fail to deliver. While it might look simple enough to create your own website, DIY your Adwords campaign, write your own copy, develop your own call to action, run your own socials or build an electronic mailout, what business owners fail to understand is that the execution of each of these marketing efforts is backed by years of study, decades of trial and error, endless research and learnings to stay in alignment with technological changes and qualifications that are not achieved overnight or by watching Youtube tutorials or using a template.

We don’t question paying a mechanic to fix our motor vehicle, or entrusting a dentist with our dental health, we wouldn’t attempt to build our own house or sew our own clothing because these are all best left to the professionals. So why is it that professional services are so often the target of DIY attempts? It looks simple enough but there is much more than meets the eye when creating, designing, developing, strategically implementing and managing professional services, all of which are critical to your business growth and overall success. The outcomes that can be achieved are so dramatically different and much more cost effective when comparing a DIY job to a properly executed plan that is underpinned by knowledge, qualifications and experience.

If you are looking to achieve strong outcomes to support the growth of your business, do not let DIY attempts consume your time, energy and budget. Instead, invest in a trained expert that can deliver outcomes, build on your brands strengths and create a high performing strategy that will save you money in the longer term.


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