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Brand management is the careful and strategic management of a brands identity and culmination of attributes, values, positioning, communication, marketing and product to create an impactful and lasting impression on the greater marketplace. The careful balance and maintenance of visual identity, messaging, internal values and marketing activities are the determining factors to effective brand management.

Many businesses create a brand based solely on the visual identity, getting caught up in the logo, colours and tagline, without giving sufficient strategic thought to the other critical factors that will determine a brands success. The company vision and mission statement, culture, recruiting and staff training will certainly impact a business, as will the value proposition, differentiation, pricing, customer service and how the brand is reviewed by customers will all impact the overall success of a brand.

It is important when establishing a business and particularly a brand to consider the brand culture, the brand architecture, brand strategy and positioning all deliver a cohesive and effective message throughout campaigns and content that is created and shared.

Once a brand in its entirety as outlined above is established, consistency in my opinion is the most critical element of brand management to ensure success. Once a core brand identity has been developed, you must continue to send repeated and solidified brand messages to maintain brand integrity. You want your brand to become recognisable and for the positioning and value propositions to become ‘known’ by your audience.

When presenting training material on branding, I love watching the lightbulb moment people have in understanding the importance of brand consistency when running the exercise of getting the audience to identify a brand using limited information. It could be the company colours, a visual prompt, tagline or even a font but it is interesting to see how many people are surprised at their ability to identify the brand with just a glimpse of information. Did you know, the human brain can interpret an image 60,000 times faster than text, giving you an indication of the importance of establishing a visual identify for your brand but also maintaining consistency in the images used.

If you find yourself or your marketing team continually reinventing the wheel when it comes to marketing messages and campaign collateral, then contact me today and I can provide some key guidelines on producing material that will increase engagement and conversions boosting your overall campaign success.


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