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Mel Cummins

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Mel is a creative design professional with an extensive background that spans over 15 years in print and digital design for marketing integration, brand development, sales and advertising. Passionate about visual communication, Mel values and understands the importance of brand integrity and creating consistent, high performing media assets across multiple platforms to generate optimal results. 

Mel will strategically work with you to create a suite of creative content, specifically designed to achieve your objectives while protecting your brand integrity. Having worked with start-ups to establish strong and recognisable branding and collateral within a range of different budgets, Mel is able to tailor solutions for clients that will perform well and convert to leads and enquiries. 


Mel has worked in a variety of industries and for well-known brands within the construction, higher education, real estate and hair and beauty sectors. This broad range of experience has allowed Mel to hone her craft, ensuring that design solutions are versatile and dynamic and focused on delivering results. 


A busy mum of three who is passionate about renovating, styling, shopping, outdoor activities, cooking and cocktails, she is self-proclaimed as incapable of switching off. Mel, regardless of how busy and active she is, always makes time for others and is dedicated to supporting the success of those around her. She is excited to be part of a team of like-minded professionals, allowing her to extend her expertise and offer all-round design and marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes and at all stages of their journey.  

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