Mantra Marketing is the creation of Christie Turner, a dynamic and versatile professional with over 15 years experience in a range of industries. The philosophy behind Mantra Marketing is to provide a complete, comprehensive and affordable solution for small to medium business marketing requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for marketing outcomes and therefore each industry and client should be treated individually to provide dynamic and custom solutions that will achieve the right outcomes for business growth. 


The principles of marketing are the same regardless of industry, the simple answer is we need to reach the right target market and appeal to the way consumers behave to increase profits. This concept is simple but actually developing the strategy and implementing the processes to make this happen can be daunting and outside of business owners expertise and knowledge. That is where Mantra Marketing step in. We rely on you to tell us about your clients, teach us about your product or service and identify where you need to improve and then we create a custom solution to effectively reach your market, boost your enquiry rates and increase your bottom line.   


Christie's experience has seen her work closely to develop and grow business within the real estate industry, higher education, retail, sales, telecommunications and hospitality industries. To support her hands on experience Christie has also been a high achiever in the formal education sense, having completed a Bachelor of Marketing in 2001, a Graduate Certificate and Diploma in Management in 2009 and finally her Masters in Marketing in 2015. She is also a certified real estate salesperson and has completed many other short courses and programs to enhance her skills. She has always been recognised as a top performer in her workplaces and has even been recognised by the Real Estate Industry as a finalist in the Support Person of the Year category for the REIQ awards in 2013.

You are in good hands with Mantra Marketing. Why not organise a meeting to discuss your business and see what ideas we can create to help you generate the business boost you are looking for. Or you can request some sample work and we can get you started with viewing just what we can achieve for your business. 



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