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Waiting for the Waves

Mantra Marketing is a creative agency that offers holistic solutions for companies seeking out of the box ways to drive growth, development and overall profitability.

Consider Mantra Marketing your “one stop shop” for all things sales, marketing and management, with a range of services that utilise proven strategies and tactics to help shift your business to the next level. Working with Mantra Marketing you will be supported by professionals to audit, develop, optimise, strengthen, diversify or pivot your business and experience enhanced and streamlined sales and marketing functions.


Founded by Christie Turner in 2015, Christie has always worked with talented experts behind the scenes, but is now launching in an exciting new chapter for Mantra Marketing by teaming up with like-minded professionals to help diversify and strengthen the power of the brand. Christie welcomes Mel Cummins, creative and design specialist. Together the Mantra Marketing ladies have decades of combined experience and have a track record of demonstrated success.

The talented team at Mantra Marketing are ready to partner with you, working together to create customised and tailored solutions that will deliver real results for your business.  

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